MS Piping Work

We deals with Installation of MS pipe with appropriate welding (Radiography testing) with Hydro Testing., Apart from that we are speacialised in Grooved piping work.

Ducting work

Ducting related work like duct installation of AHU, air washer, VAV installation of VCD, louvers, etc . done with the effective price and Good quality.


We have done various kind of Plumbing work of AHU, CSU Pipe & Drain(gi & upvc) Repairs, Faucet Repair & Installation, Appliance Repair & Installation.

Structural Work

We have done various kind of structural work like, platform of cooling tower,pipe suppporting work,stairs work ,plenum & duct support etc.

Labour Supply

We supply labour for various work like, Ducting, insulation, House keeping work and for lifting shifting of material.

Insulation Work

Insulated related work of Duct, MS pipe and AHU Acoustic is done with effective Quality and Competeive pricing. .

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